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Trying out!

Hey people,

I'm more or less pretty emotional, so I decided to give this community a shot. I'm more known for my emotional rants, but I decided to challenge my poetry skills and post a poem here. be brutal, judge me...yeah :)

Exhale slowly
While you process what it means
In two seconds
Don't mean it
But do it
while you pretend it doesn't hurt
the f word

The F word
Oh you know what it means
Don't eat tonight
Don't dream tonight
You can't sleep it off
The f word

Watch the fingers crawl into your mouth
while your body screams
The f word
wipe the slate clean

the f word
Pinch it
Poke it
Hold it
You want to cut it
Can't decide what would hurt more
Can't tell what you really see in the mirror anymore

the f word
exhale slowly
as he chants what he sees

Laugh like you cant see
Laugh like you can't process what it means

Laugh while your body screams

Laugh while you're on the floor
Laugh while you hide behind the bathroom door
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