Unplacated (rubbernutzrock) wrote in emotions_exist,

I'll give my hand at this. Feel free to disect, destroy, and hate my poem as you feel necessary. Forgive me, I don't have a picture. heh.

Amidst all light and dark the fluctuates
you run from my glare
and now only indifference rapes me
since the faithless day you've gone
Your lethargy burns
vile and enduring
as you leak drops of vitality
from your throbbing sickness
and the loss of memory
You disregard all hope I ever
wrapped you in
You abuse freedom
with your fangs
you suck all vivacious pride
from their will
so create your unbounded anguish
the noxious tainted yearning
spread it like the death you are
For I smell all poison that rots your flesh
from the guilt in denial you bleed
you twist the blessed twilight you bathe in
throw the moon down
in bitter conception
destroy all God

The day of your expiation is due
millions of sinners out there
that includes you
So do not shoulder the blame upon me, Love
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