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just joined, and since writing poetry and short stories are my fav. things to do...figured i'd try this...check out poeticgoddess for more stories.


You ignore me in public
But behind closed doors
You have the sweetest touch
Confusion fills my mind
And i'm unable to understand
Why i keep running back to you
The touch of your lips
Is turned to poison
By the words you speak
When you think I have turned
A deaf ear
Your soft touch
Your silently whispered words
Become painfull
For every chance you get
You stick the dagger deeper
Into my back
And you pierce my heart
I fall hard to the ground
Landing battered, bruised, beaten, and stupid
Punishment for having eyes too blind
To see the sad sickening truth
And to taste the poison you
Slowly try to kill me with

also, all my buddy icons are me too...:-)
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