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hi i'm new.

ok heres my short story or whatever you want to call it..

Titled: You're a cunt

You're such a cunt, and I love you.
Everything around you falls into pieces, I've lived with your damage too long, I've become bare and the scars exposed. I walk into rooms of guiltless people, and seen fear in the eyes of addicts who know the time is coming. Why can't you feel like I do, why can't you die in my arms, like I'd do for you.
You're such a cunt, and I love you.
It's the ugly in you that attracts me. It's the way you tell me to shut the fuck up before you kiss me. I'm losing grip in a pool filled with thousands of honey bee's ready to sting. My flesh is worn of your hand..it's my own hate breeding when you touch me. As my hate grows, my love becomes only what I made it out to be..and I realize..
You're a cunt and I hate you.

and one more...

Titled: Cereal

I saw you the other day, walking through the cereal aisle. I remember your apartment used to have nothing but cereal, condiments & beer. I hid behind a stack of magazines and watched you drift up and down the aisle, as if picking cereal were a major purchase such as buying a car.
Through the POPS, past the fruity pebbles, you stopped. You had decided on cocoa puffs. You stood there for a minute reading the back. Still I stood there behind the smell of fresh ink and paper, watching you.

she walked up, lacing her arm through yours and you smiled. A smile I have never seen before. A smile of happiness and you laughed at something she said. Witty I'm sure.

Cereal never made me so sick.


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