deathmetalbass (deathmetalbass) wrote in emotions_exist,

Do I dare believe...

....that my post is coming through here?!!?

If so, awesome... here are the lyrics for Even Atlas Winces:

The sacrifice was made but hardly a dent
Has dug into the threat that weighs more daily
The soul was sold to grant dependants relief
Valiantly useless, buried chin deep
Ultimate price paid but there's no release
Now there's nothing halting the pain
Soon nostrils won't be seen and blood will turn grey
The sky I worked so hard for has overwhelmed me

Lose--fail to achieve--all that has been worked for becomes monotony
Humbled--fail to speak--all your words stacked on the tip of your tongue
Feat Fete Feet Clomping.... Fable-Forced Extirpation
Close--but never there--all that has been received pales to what should've been earned
Fault--who is to blame? the path the heart wants has been exiled

Energy misplaced, fires lost... by allowing the pressure
To build and rape. Traumatized; always remembering
Memento of misperceived and misjudged actions
Energy thrown, fires consume... by subjective hand
Destitute Unnerved Anxious Rest on my last bed
Silk unto the endless sea coating the surface for miles
Consistently buoyant, voyuerism is the only teaching tool

When the web dissolves...
...strut...suck...naturally selected
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