Unplacated (rubbernutzrock) wrote in emotions_exist,

I tend to write too much poetry

Illusion used to rage on
violently fighting inside itself
for hours in the iridescent
thunderclouds you held
The filtered image
so long betrayed
the absolute distortion
on your face
eventually the dirty fall
and your sinking cavern
of a sanctuary
drips away the heart of yours
in which I put my faith
you fade out of reality
without a Godly consent
but this revolution
of loss and deprivation
will not beguile me
but there was a day
I would have missed you then
and I wished to crucify
my naked thoughts
upon your smothering of lies
but at times
truth is such a crippling thing
that will nail me
to the unfathomed heaven
you claim
feelings shatter, opinions waste away
but you manage
to descend on
somehow in the affronted winds
that plague love
though you've rotted your wings off

and you were always a falsified elegance
Which I clung to, unable to pull your sickly cob webs
from my skin
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