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Seeking my approval

I finally managed to overcome the writers block at make my attempt here.
I apologize for the lack of pictures, no cam =/

What good is a heart?

A pile of shattered dreams
painful memories
betrayed by those whom you once cherished

I feel a fire in my chest
a hatred for what you've done to me
revenge is all I desire

but no

I feel an emptiness
missing your touch
yearning for the love you took away

but why

I gave all I had
I gave all I could
perhaps I was too quick to give my all

what more did you want

too quick does love turn to hate
and yet the hate is dissolved by your love
I hold the shattered pieces before you

will you pick them up

I loved what we were
I hate what you became
I wish things could be the same again

why did things have to change

I wish we never met
and yet
I wish you never left

We wish and we wish
but some things were never meant to be
I pick up the pieces and walk away.
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