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Braindead Embedded, full feel of ritard.

I wanted to say hi with a personal favorite of mine.
[Unknown LJ tag]
Disease...Living Disease Everywhere
My eyes are drenched in seeing my arms reach to turned backs
Selfish is what they call me....incoherent

It's not a real statement, just a plea bargain
To let me in to your morning smile
To be kept home a while

My eyes are swallowed in deterred attempts to gain mentionable favor
Incoherently one-tracked is what they see of me....selfish

I'm not a straight face, just a white-faced funny man
Trying to let you see suns' possibilities in your eyes
Trying to let you see as I do

My eyes are targetted to be wrong
My incoherence inebriates you back to your condemning high

Also, I'm obviously too retarded to add pictures because all I get is this red fucking X. When I get shit straightened, I'll send pics. Anyway, who would REALLY wanna see a pic of me!? burlHAH!

Judge me accordingly. </lj>
..ya know?
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