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i found this poem and i can't begin even explain how someone else must have tapped into my head and wrote down my feelings...

People dont see that i'm not okay
Don't even here what I have to say
I often lye awake
And wonder how much more I can take
It's only okay when i'm asleep
Dues it not cut so deep
It's seem's it's almost my time
My sadness is my only crime
Maybe if you were here
I would not have a tear
I feel so sick
This feeling, it's going to stick
I ask without great ease
Why must i be pleaged with this disease

here's some pics...they arent that great, but its all i have for now.

....i look really emo in this pic, even though im not that hott eyes are the only thing about me that i dont absolutely hate, so here's what they look like.

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